Marlborough Express - A great result

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Election night was one of those moments I will never forget. To share the moment with family and friends who had given so much of themselves made it all the more special.

Since then the margin has been confirmed as a record 12,570 for the KaikĊura electorate. It is difficult to judge how things are going when you are on the campaign trail; it is not like painting a fence where you see what you have done. Having said that the reception I had on the doorsteps was overwhelmingly positive, nonetheless it was a long day waiting for the results to come in.
Sunday morning Parliamentary Services were in touch to make arrangements to get QECs (Qualifying Electoral Candidates) to Wellington to begin induction.

There were 15 new National MPs at that stage, unfortunately we lost West Coast Tasman list MP Maureen Pugh on the final count. We had all met before and I have gotten to know Maureen and Matt Doocey from Waimakariri quite well and it was great to celebrate our success together.

It was also good to get to know the candidates from other parties. It is a common misconception that Members of Parliament from rival parties don’t get on. While we have our own political philosophical views we can and do get on personally.

The induction was extensive from hiring staff to a mock question time. Each new MP was given a written question to ask a ‘Minister’ and had to come up with our own supplementary. We also acted as a Minister and were given an answer to a primary and came up with our own answer to a supplementary question.

The supplementary has to relate to the written primary question but if the primary is fairly broad it can be difficult to prepare for. It was a lot of fun with points of order at various times coming from the few experienced MPs who took part to make it all the more realistic.

After the excitement of getting to know my way around Parliament, it is good to get back into electorate work. There are lots of new people to meet and I am concentrating on getting things underway as an electorate MP.

I look forward to building links with business and community groups and being fully immersed in the electorate.