Marlborough Express - Helping out in a great place

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A summer such as we have had so far reminds me of just what a great place it is that we live.

People often say to me there is so much opportunity to be had for those who actively seek it.

For the most part I agree, however, we should not forget those who through no fault of their own are not equipped to embrace all that our electorate has to offer.

For some families, achieving the basics in life can be a challenge.
The recent story of a mother and her plight to find suitable housing for her son with cerebral palsy brought this home to me.

Albeit at the last hurdle, a home has been found and everything is being done to accommodate the family.

In this situation, I contacted Housing New Zealand, the "top of the south" Ministry of Social Development and the minister's office to help find a resolution.

It seems timely to remind readers that, as their local Member of Parliament, I am here to help them and will do what I can, when I can, to assist.

I want this electorate to be a place that people from all walks of life can enjoy without the burden of unnecessary difficulties.

Sometimes, as with the case in point, the chances of my being able to facilitate a suitable outcome are far better if I hear about a case sooner rather than later.

On some occasions, there may be little I can do immediately to resolve a problem, but it is helpful in the long run to know about a situation before it erupts into a one that requires an urgent response.

If you require assistance, please call into our office at 22 Scott St, in Blenheim, between 9am and 4pm on weekdays.

If I am not available, my staff will be very happy to assist or make an appointment for you to see me. Or you can email me at stuart.smithmp@ or call on 03 579 3204.

The Government is continuing to work at delivering better public services. These include lifting educational achievement and upskilling our workforce, providing better and more convenient healthcare, getting more people off welfare and into work, supporting the vulnerable, and making our communities safer.

We want stable, sustainable growth over the long term to support New Zealanders and their families.

With the busy election year behind us, I am looking forward with great enthusiasm to the year ahead.

I look forward to getting stuck in again and doing what I can towards achieving the outcomes outlined above for the electorate and those outlined in my maiden speech to Parliament.

Watch Stuart's Maiden Speech here