Marlborough Express - Blenheim Rules Reduction Taskforce April 20th

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Minister of Local Government, Paula Bennett, has appointed a Rules Reduction Taskforce to hear from New Zealanders about their experiences with property rules and regulations, especially those that they consider irrelevant or unnecessary. The members appointed have a wealth of experience across the building and trades sectors as well as central and local government.

No one is suggesting that the Government do away with regulations and compliance, but the Government is keen to listen to what people have to say regarding the regulations that frustrate them with a view to updating the rules where it is deemed appropriate.
Environment Minister, Nick Smith, has been quoted as saying that compliance costs for new homes are in the region of $15,000 and, as I move around the electorate, I am frequently made aware of rules and regulations that on the face of it appear to be confounding New Zealanders, especially in the housing sector.

On Monday April 20, I will be hosting the taskforce in Blenheim. The taskforce is holding a public meeting and a series of industry-specific meetings to hear from individuals and industry representatives.

The taskforce will work closely with local government, farmers, businesses, trades, and the public to hear views on such things as property, planning, roading, water, waste, environmental protection, OSH regulations, public health, commerce and other regulations that frustrate and hinder property owners.

Information gathered at the community meetings will be collated and added to material received from other meetings around the country. Once the taskforce has considered all the submissions, it will weigh up the benefits of the rules brought to its attention against the concerns raised and make recommendations to the government about any changes that need to be made.

I would encourage anyone who has an interest in the above areas of concern, or who has been frustrated by rules and regulations, to meet with members of the taskforce. The public meeting will be held on Monday, April 20 at 12.15pm, at St Andrews Church, 5 Henry Street, Blenheim. For details about the industry specific meetings please contact me by email or phone. If you cannot attend, you can make a submission online at