Marlborough Express - Making better connections

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Government is committed to improving connectivity in the regions.

Already the ultrafast broadband (UFB) rollout has delivered major benefits to businesses, schools, hospitals and other community organisations.

There are areas where services could be improved, and it for this reason that Communications Minister Amy Adams announced a further extension to funding to extend the UFB and Rural Broadband Initiatives as well as to improve mobile coverage in "black spots".
This funding is contestable, which means that we need to present to the minister a strong unified case for Marlborough to be included in the next phase of the rollout.

I applaud the work done on this project by the Marlborough District Council, the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce, key industry groups and, most importantly, those individuals representing our rural communities.

These groups are working hard on behalf of the people of Marlborough to see the province included in the UFB and RBI extension.

I encourage Marlborough residents, especially those in rural areas and in the Sounds, to be a part of the process of identifying areas where mobile and broadband coverage could be improved.

The process itself is very simple. Simply go online and complete the online survey at the link below. It will take less than 5 minutes to complete.

The survey itself will provide valuable information and will be part of the submission to the government. A series of public meetings will be held to follow up on information gathered in the survey.

This consultative process is vital if we are to be successful in the bid. It also fits neatly into the council's vision for a "smart and connected" Marlborough.

Please take the time to support the council and the people who are working on your behalf to make this project happen. Your views matter.

The survey link: