Children in Marlborough receiving their B4 School Checks

Kaikoura news
Tuesday, July 21, 2015

More children than ever before in Marlborough are benefiting from free before school health checks.

“The B4 School Checks help to give children the best start at school by identifying and addressing any potential health or developmental problems at an early stage.
“Nelson Marlborough District Health Board reached 92 per cent of eligible children through this programme, meaning more of our children are getting their hearing, eyesight, height, weight, and oral health assessments, as well as taking comprehensive health and development questionnaires,” says Mr Smith.

Nationwide 92 per cent of children received their checks in 2014/15, more than in 2013/14. This figure was matched by those in high deprivation areas.

“Getting the check as close to four years of age as possible ensures families are able to connect with any additional support services they might need before their child starts school.

“National is focused on giving our kids the best start to life through initiatives like this and free GP visits which were extended to all children under-13 on July 1,” says Mr Smith.