Public Achievement Information shows more students achieving in Kaikoura electorate

Kaikoura news
Thursday, July 23, 2015

Local MP Stuart Smith says parents will be happy to know there is steady improvement in the Kaikoura electorate with more kids passing NCEA Level 2.

The number of 18 year olds with NCEA Level 2 or equivalent in 2014 rose by 2.7 percentage points to 81.9%.

"This is fantastic news. We are well on our way to the Government’s Better Public Service target of 85% of 18 year olds having NCEA Level 2 or equivalent by 2017.

“I want to congratulate all our hard-working students, and thank their parents, teachers, and principals who supported their education and their achievements,” Mr Smith said.

“The proportion of 18-year-olds with NCEA Level 2 has risen in each of New Zealand’s 16 local body regions.

“The Government is committed to ensuring all young New Zealanders can achieve educational success and these results show that what we’re doing is working.

“Public Achievement Information gives students, parents, educators, and communities a picture of what is happening both in their area and nationally.

“It helps teachers provide the right support to the right students, and helps schools, employers, and training providers to work out what skills are needed to boost local economic performance.”

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