Reserves and Other Lands Disposal Bill - Third reading

Thursday, September 17, 2015

STUART SMITH: This “ROLD” bill, as it has been pointed out, has been waiting some time to come through but, actually, some of the issues it fixes go back a long, long way.

In particular, one I would like to talk about is in the Picton area, which is within my electorate, which dates back to 1903 when the land was illegally transferred to the Picton Borough Council, as it turns out. This bill actually deals with that under clauses 24 to 27.

The reason it was done illegally is because the last trustee had died and so it was transferred in haste, unfortunately. So although this is a busy Government, we cannot be blamed for going back to that length of time, unfortunately.

The other issue in my electorate that I would like to talk about is the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board. There is land set aside in the French Pass area for a district nurses’ facility and, unfortunately, it has just been sitting there and is not on the books of the district health board. It needs to be sorted out. That area, of course, was quite remote. It is still a 2 ½ hour drive from Blenheim and Wairau Hospital out to French Pass, but nowadays, of course, we do not need district nurses’ facilities in those areas, so that has been tidied up.

Also, there is the Braemar Campus at Wairau Hospital. Wairau Hospital has undergone a reconfiguration on the site and that needs to be tidied up, and it is being tidied up under this bill.

So it is a bill that fixes a lot of previous anomalies in the legislation that need to be tidied up, and it is great to have those things set aside for those owners of the land to go forward in a proper manner. Although it has taken some time to get here, it is here and, you know, hang on—help is on its way. It is a good Government, but it takes a long time sometimes to get these things worked through. I commend the bill to the House. Thank you.