How is the Government supporting sustainability in aquaculture?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

STUART SMITH to the Minister for Primary Industries: How is the Government supporting sustainability in aquaculture?

Hon NATHAN GUY (Minister for Primary Industries): Last week I attended Aquaculture New Zealand’s conference in Nelson, where it launched the A+ Environmental Sustainability Management Framework. This programme will deliver a set of strong, measurable, progressive standards, which will be independently audited, verified, and widely recognised. The Government has contributed $256,000 towards the A+ programme through the Sustainable Farming Fund—

Mr SPEAKER: Order! Sorry to interrupt the Minister, but the level of noise to my left now means that I cannot hear the answer.

Hon NATHAN GUY: —with co-funding and in kind contributions of $189,000 from Aquaculture New Zealand. This is a great example of industry and Government working in partnership to further enhance the value of already high-quality, premium New Zealand products.

Stuart Smith: How will this programme support the aquaculture industry’s aspiration of growing to more than a billion dollars by 2025?

Hon NATHAN GUY: As a nation, we are never going to be the biggest producer of seafood in the world, but we can, indeed, be the best. This new standard will help inform consumers, who are increasingly interested in the integrity and environmental footprint of premium products.

Proving our high standards in overall environmental sustainability will help our products such as salmon, mussels, and oysters to stand out in the global market. The latest Situation and Outlook for Primary Industries shows that aquaculture export revenue is expected to grow by 19 percent by 2019, lifting its total share of seafood export earnings to 28 percent. This is fantastic.