Have your say on the future of New Zealand education

Kaikoura news
Monday, November 2, 2015

MP Stuart Smith is encouraging the local community to submit on the Government’s update of New Zealand’s Education Act.

“Public consultation on the Government’s revamp of the Education Act is now open and I encourage anyone with an interest in the future of our education system to submit their views,” Mr Smith says.

“The Education Act informs the direction of New Zealand’s education, this update to the Act will make a real difference to the schooling of kiwi kids.

“The current Act is 26 years old and focusses heavily on administration and compliance.

“Here is an opportunity to redesign the Act to centre on student achievement in the 21st century,” Mr Smith says.

The proposed update draws on the recommendations of the Taskforce on Regulations Affecting School Performance which reported in 2014 that the Act focused on structures and administration.

“We are fortunate to have many effective teachers and learning institutions in our electorate, I hope the community will have their say during this consultation process so we may continue local educational success,” Mr Smith says.

The consultation process begins today and runs until December 14.

Further information about the consultation and how to make submissions can be found at www.education.govt.nz/education-act-update.