Local MP welcomes NZIER report on value of aquaculture to Marlborough

Kaikoura news
Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Local MP Stuart Smith welcomes the recent New Zealand Institute of Economic Research report on the value of aquaculture to the Marlborough economy, which was launched in Blenheim on Monday.

The report shows that aquaculture generates $160 million in regional GDP, nearly 6 per cent of Marlborough’s regional activity.

“I was really pleased to attend the launch of the NZIER report on Monday”, says Mr Smith.

“Aquaculture is a very important industry to the Marlborough economy. It supports over 850 local jobs, paid at a much higher rate than average local wages.

“Marlborough is the primary region in New Zealand for aquaculture, with about 62 per cent of total national aquaculture production coming from our region.

“This production benefits not just the local economy, but the country as a whole. The Marlborough aquaculture industry generated $276 million in export sales revenue last year”, says Mr Smith.