MP Stuart Smith welcomes completion of broadband rollout to rural hospitals

Kaikoura news
Friday, November 13, 2015

Local MP Stuart Smith welcomes the announcement made yesterday by Minister for Communications Amy Adams and Minister of Health Jonathan Coleman that the rollout of high speed broadband to rural hospitals has been completed.

“This is fantastic news for our rural hospitals all over the country,” says Mr Smith.

“Here in the Kaikoura electorate, we will directly benefit from this milestone through both Kaikoura Hospital and Rangiora Hospital

“High-speed broadband is going to greatly improve the quality of health services available in our rural communities. This will enable healthcare to be more efficient, more innovative and of an overall higher standard.

“I’m really pleased that Kaikoura and North Canterbury locals will now have access to such high-quality services.”

The 39 hospitals and integrated family health centres identified by DHBs as candidates for the Government’s Rural Broadband Initiative now have access to fibre capable of peak speeds of at least 100 Mbps.

Rural hospitals will now be able to send and receive real-time transmissions of X-rays, ultrasounds and MRI scans. It will enable videoconferencing for doctors, and allow them to connect with specialists in other areas for real-time assistance in emergency situations.

“The Ultra-Fast Broadband scheme and the Rural Broadband Initiative are important programmes that have already had a hugely positive impact on our rural communities. This is another example of how better connectivity is improving the everyday life of New Zealanders,” Mr Smith says.