More doctors and nurses taking care of Nelson-Marlborough patients

Kaikoura news
Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Families in Nelson-Marlborough are receiving their care from more doctors and nurses under National than ever before says MP for the Kaikoura Electorate, Stuart Smith. 

“Our dedicated health workforce is making a real difference for patients all across Nelson-Marlborough

“As of 31 March 2016 there were over 190 doctor full-time equivalents and 580 nurse full-time equivalents employed by Nelson Marlborough DHB. That’s almost 50 more doctors and over 70 more nurses compared to 2008.

“Our doctors and nurses do a great job in providing care to people in Nelson-Marlborough and it’s great to see even more of them being employed under this Government.

“People in Nelson-Marlborough need a health workforce that is well equipped to handle current and future demands which is way the Government recently released the Health of the Health Workforce report which outlined challenges facing the sector such as an ageing workforce and staffing rural positions.

“The Government has a number of policies in place to address these issues including the Voluntary Bonding Scheme which encourages health practitioners to choose specialties and locations that have traditionally been hard to staff.

“The health workforce is supported by the extra $400 million being invested into the sector this year, taking the health budget to a record $15.9 billion,” says Stuart Smith.